mailbank's pricing is simple. It’s based only on the number of emails you send. Full customer support and all features are available to all.


mailbank pricing now has 5 levels of subscription to cater for different volume requirements.
There is a monthly fee depending upon the level that you choose.

Pricing Level 1

Level One – $110 per month

Up-to 2,500 emails per month

Pricing Level 2

Level Two – $220 per month

Level Two – $220 per month

Pricing Level 3

Level Three – $330 per month

Up-to 30,000 emails per month

Pricing Level 4

Level Four – Customised

40,000+ emails per month
Please call for details

Pricing Level 5

Level Five – Managed Email Marketing Campaign

Inclusive of customised template

mailbank – the email marketing platform that lets you work smarter. Grow and nurture your business. Keep in touch with your clients.