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We are very excited to launch our highly anticipated NEW Planks Program, which features eight randomised patterned collections. The program offers a great variety of pattern and colours to choose from.

Some features of the collections in the Planks Program:

- Collections featuring randomised patterns, each tile is slightly different
- Select Quick ship stocked items on offer
- 1m x 50cm and 1m x 25cm tile options
- Large colour palettes
- Refined and delicate patterns

To view and download the NEW Planks Program brochure - Click Here

To view the Planks Program collections - Click Here
Sound and Fury 1m x 50cm Planks Southern Analog 1m x 25 cm
Momentum in 1m x 25cm Planks
Textus in 1m x 25cm Planks. True North in1m x 25cm Planks



Brisbane Girls Grammar School’s new Research Learning Centre is a building specifically designed to excite the search for knowledge. With a 100 year old tree setting the scene, m3architecture have designed five storeys of book-lined rooms as a place to lose oneself. The custom carpet designed by m3architecture has a base colour consistent with recent libraries and public buildings, with an overlay pattern derived from the shadow and leaf litter of the tree. The carpet is a continuum, moving across floors, along passages and winding up whimsical staircases. The two-story spaces inspire joy and curiosity in learning and within the timber-lined carpeted balconies there is a sense of warmth and robustness. 

Location: Brisbane
Designer: m3architecture
Product: Envisions Cut Pile (Custom)
Photographer: Christopher Frederick Jones

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