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Free flowing finely drawn lines, smooth watercolour inspired gradients and natural tonal transitions all developed by hand add to this exquisite and delicate collection.

Naturally Drawn features four coordinating patterns:
Watercolour Lesson, Drawing in Ink, Hand Sketched and Hand Sketched Transition.

Hand Sketched and Hand Sketched Transition is coordinated for smooth transitions between colours while Watercolour Lesson and Drawing in Ink are also designed to easily coordinate but can also stand alone to create different yet coordinating areas to a project.

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The four patterns in the Dungaree colourway
Some of the Inspiration behind Naturally Drawn Naturally Drawn Brochure
Watch the Naturally Drawn video on the inspiration behind the collection and how patterns work together

The Ontera collections web-page has now been upgraded, featuring a consolidated and clearly set out products page with a clean and easy to use interface.

Some features to look out for are:

- All documentation and imagery accessible on the one page for each range.
- All Ontera collections found in the one location.
- Product filter function to search by collection, colour, base, size...

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Collections Landing Page
Collections page with all documents images and coordinating colours in one place
Product filter search function
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