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NEW Patina Vibes is an intricate and textured collection, inspired by naturally occurring oxidization of surfaces in nature. Available across 48 colours with extended groups of coordinating families of colour including, highlights, full colour options and multi-colour tile options.

Some features to Patina Vibes Collection are...

• Made locally in our Sydney facility, for quicker lead times
• Technically superior cushion backing including 39.3% recycled content for added comfort
• Nylon 6.6 high grade yarn system
• Stunning modern colours developed by our design team based in Sydney.

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Inspired by metal exposed to the elements for long periods of time, weathered buildings and aged timber.
The result is a striking randomized pattern which was developed mimicking the textures and decay found from this process.

Watch patina in time lapse - the inspiration behind Patina Vibes

The beauty of Patina Vibes is the versatility in layout options.

Neutral colour scheme
Any of the greys within the cool grey or warm grey pallet can coordinate with each other, this offers multiple tones of grey for added depth.

Grey colour scheme - with hint of colour

Using a grey colour scheme as a starting point, a small amount of colour can be introduced using highlight tiles within the same colour family.

Adding more colour
A full colour tile can be introduced for defining areas or creating graduating rug style effects with the option of adding multi-colour accent tiles from the same colour family.


For Flooring layout concepts using Patina Vibes - Click Here



Extensive local colour development for Patina Vibes was researched across Australia and New Zealand by our Sydney design team, looking at local Architectural and Interior colour trends, paired with future global colour trend forecasting.

Cool Grey Neutral Colour Palette and Coordinating Colours
Warm Grey Neutral Colour Palette and Coordinating Colours
Aged Timber with added Rust Timber and Rust introduced as a highlight accent
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