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A big welcome to our new General Manager
Matt Cooper!

Matt has many years’ experience within the flooring industry having held senior sales management roles with several major US based commercial floor covering organisation’s – both on the manufacturing and contracting side of the industry. In most recent times, Matt was the Senior Director of the Milliken hospitality business with responsibility across sales, market analysis, strategy development and product management.
Matt has a very positive and inclusive leadership style and will drive the Ontera business with a key focus on enhancing customer relationships.




Location: University of Melbourne - Parkville, Victoria
Specifier: NTC-Architects
Product: Pentomino
Photographer: Kate Bowman

Baillieu - Gallery Page


Location: Palmerston North, New Zealand
Specifier: SPACES Interior Design + Styling - Palmerston North - Horowhenua & Wellington
Product: Naturally Drawn
Photographer: AVODAH Photography

Aorangi Orthopaedics - Gallery Page


Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Specifier: Ignite Architects
Product: Naturally Drawn
Photographer: Greg Kempthorne Photography

Jet Park Hotel - Gallery Page


Location: Sydney
Specifier: Walker Corp
Product: Patina Vibes
Photographer: Matty Williams Photography

Walker Corp - Gallery Page

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