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The NEW Common Thread collection is a mix of randomness and unique patterning that only nature can create. Common Thread’s unique patterning was inspired by the distinctive skin of a tree, which though age, and the natural shedding and renewal of its layers reveals individual scales and textures of bark patterns.
Our design journey started with a single organic pattern and progressed with the exploration of adjusting, dispersing and defining scale. Our reward is a family of patterns that seamlessly and organically shift into each other. A common thread of bright accents further illuminates this dynamic shifting, providing designers with boundless opportunities to define space.

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  Cypress and Cypress with Zest      
Banyan and Banyan with Blossom   Alerce and Alerce with Electric  

The Common Thread random and textural pattern comes in three distinctive scales, to help define areas with pattern transition within a building. The six coordinating colours options across each scale also introduce a diverse range of laying options – ideal for wayfinding.

Point 3 - A small scale pattern, with intricate lines and detail, which is subtle to the eye.
Point 5 - A medium scale pattern offering more distinct contrast in the brush style texture.
Point 8 - A large scale pattern delivering stronger tonal contrast with larger solid areas of colour.

Point 3, Point 5 and Point 8 patterns also have a coordinating colour accent option for adding an element of interest to a flooring layout.

  Point 3   Point 5   Point 8  
  Point 3 - with Accent   Point 5 - with Accent   Point 8 - with Accent  
  Baobab and Baobab with Saffron   Betula and Betula with Chartreuse  
    Betula and Betula with Chartreuse  
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