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The NEW Karona 2 collection has officially launched, featuring classic plains and tonal linear patterns from the original collection but now with added extras, including...

  • 6 new accent colours
  • Revolutionary B2™ backing (PVC free)
  • 500mm x 500mm size tiles
  • Superior Lumena yarn system, nylon 6,6
  • Stock in store across all 18 colours

Taking inspiration from extreme weather conditions, similar to a blizzard haze or deep tonal greys found in hardened lava rock, Karona offers true classic grey tones in neutral greys, deep charcoals and now bright accompanying accents.

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  Karona 2 still features our classic tonal greys, charcoals and black.  
  Lightning - a linear type subtle pattern  
  Blizzard - a small dash style pattern  
  An exciting addition to the Karona 2 collection is a set of six accent colour tiles featuring a stipple yarn to provide seam-ability across larger areas of installation.  
  Blizzard in Cyclone and Eclipse in Rogue, quarter turn installation  
  Eclipse in Solar, monolithic installation   Eclipse in Galaxy, monolithic installation  
  Lightning in Alto and Spectrum in Heat, monolithic installation   Eclipse in Blue Moon and Spectrum in Winter Storm, monolithic Installation  

The Karona 2 transition sees the new range with the advanced B2™ pvc-free backing system. Along with the improved environmental benefits, additional B2™ backing benefits include:

  • Lighter tile weight for easier handling
  • No chemical migration to flooring adhesive
  • 100% recyclable
  • Reinforced with Fiberglass for dimensional stability
  • Complete moisture barrier

Karona has been a favorite amongst our clients for quite some time now and we have chosen the best selection of plains and patterned tiles from the original collection to be included in Karona 2.
The names of colours from the original collection have now changed in Karona 2 but to help with any confusion we have put a table together comparing the old colour names to the new colour names.

Click here for the old to new comparison table.


For more information on Karona 2 we have a dedicated information page for your reference at the following link -

Karona 2 Collection information page

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