Self-service or assisted

mailBANK allows you to control everything yourself if you want to. You can create and send all of your own emails. However you can still use outside sources to assist with email design and campaign management. It’s up to you.


mailBANK is an Internet-hosted service. This means that it can be accessed from any computer with a web browser; there are no costs for hardware, no software to install, and no on-site maintenance required. It’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This allows us to continually develop and enhance the service whilst keeping all of our customers up-to-date.

List management

You can build your mailing lists in two ways, either by inviting people to register or by adding known addresses to the list.

Invitations to register may be present on your website, on other emails or carried in your printed publications and advertisements. In each case they provide a link to a user registration form.

Import address lists

You can also import existing lists into mailBANK and export lists for use in other systems so you never have to maintain two different systems.

All addresses are stored in one master database so that there is no need to manage multiple lists and when you broadcast an email you know that your list is up-to-date without the possibility of duplicates.

You can even set mailBANK to keep you informed of new self-registrations on a region-specific basis.

mailBANK automatically handles unsubscribed and failed emails, marking the records accordingly and preventing further emails being sent, whilst still letting you review them. mailBANK can also record which recipients have previously clicked-through to other information from links on your email.

View and edit user data

This includes information such as user name, email, company, phone number, user type and services.

Create customised registration forms

Unique to mailBANK is the form designer which enables you to create individual user registration forms whereby you can request just the details that you want, including information that helps you classify your users according to their needs. You can add up to 10 custom fields which can be used for any information that you require.

Create richly formatted emails

Once you have your mailing lists you need to create an email that looks professional. Whilst mailBANK does allow you to create and send a plain text email with up to three attachments, its main strength is the mailBANK editor which enables you to create a richly-formatted (HTML) email where you can control the style and colours of both text and backgrounds and include tables, images and links.

Each email that you create can have a number of optional links included. You can add a 'View email online' which inserts a text link that lets the user view the email online like a web page in case the recipient is offline or cannot see graphics or activate links. An 'Unsubscribe' button lets the user remove themselves from the list. A 'Send to a friend' link allows the recipient to forward the email to another address with the subject line 'Sent at the request of <Recipient name>' and a 'Join' link can be included that adds a text link in the forwarded email inviting the recipient to register on your mailing list. A 'Privacy policy' link displays your privacy policy and a 'View your details' link displays the user's details and allows then to modify them or remove themselves altogether. All of these links can be included or left out simply by ticking a box for each.

Create pages that link from emails

mailBANK lets you insert placeholders for any of the data fields on its database. For example you can insert the FirstName field and mailBANK will substitute the person's first name on each email it sends.

You can even prepare separate pages to which your mailBANK email can provide a link.

Create re-usable email templates

Once you have created your email you can save it as a template for future use. In this way you can develop standard layouts for regular mailings, giving a professional consistency to your communications.

Alternatively you can design templates in another program such as Microsoft Expression or Adobe Dreamweaver or get your creative agency to design them for you so that all you have to do is modify the message. Simply upload the file into mailBANK and it is ready for you to use just like one that was created in mailBANK itself.

Broadcast emails to targeted address lists

email broadcasting involves the distribution of your selected email to a targeted address list. mailBANK does not send a bulk email but rather sends each one separately and every email is personally addressed with you as the sender.

You can schedule the time that your email will be sent. Studies have shown that timing the sending of an email can produce a higher response rate. Those messages sent at the beginning or end or the week, as well as in the early morning or evening do not get the response or open-rate of messages sent at other times. The best times have proved to be on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, and mid-day for a better response rate.

View results and statistics

mailBANK lets you track and analyse your customer behaviour in real-time. Our tracking gives you immediate feedback about your customers: how many opened the email, how many clicked through from an email to another link, and how many times they forwarded your message to their colleagues.

Comparison with normal email program

Most email programs will let you store multiple contacts as a group so that you only have to send one email. However, with Outlook XP for example, usually all of the recipients will be visible.

Even if you Bcc to a large number of email addresses this can cause a big problem. Users with email accounts from AOL, Yahoo!, and Hotmail usually have their spam filters turned on, and the way the spam filters work is they look for email messages where the recipients have been Bcc'd. Thus, if you Bcc your entire list, there is a high probability that many of your intended recipients will never even see your email, because it will have been automatically blocked by their spam filter.

Generally you have far less control over formatting with a normal email program. For example you probably will not be able to insert a table and you certainly cannot create special headers and buttons.

You cannot personalise the email with information on your database.

You cannot automatically include an Unsubscribe link or a link to your Privacy Policy, or a link for the recipient to view their personal details that you hold, all of which are requirements of the Privacy Act.

And you won’t get the feedback that the mailBANK statistics provide.

New:: Managed email marketing campaigns

Suitable For:
- A business in the early stages of email marketing
- A business with complex and evolving email marketing needs
- A business wanting to outsource their email marketing campaigns
- A business who doesn’t have the resources to maintain their own email marketing campaigns..

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