Permission-based email

email marketing does not mean Spam. Spam is unsolicited email and mailBANK in no way approves of such practice. The entire concept of mailBANK is that it is permission-based and no-one receives email without at first agreeing to it.

email in the marketing mix

Besides the main message, email can be used to drive website traffic, build customer loyalty by making customers feel important, and increase brand awareness by regular contact.


email is an instant way to interact with your customers. emails can be prepared in minutes and received within seconds of them being sent.


Despite their enormous advantages emails cost a tiny fraction of other forms of communication including phone calls and conventional mail. There are no staff costs, no printing costs, no stamps and no phone call costs.


A website is re-active – it relies on someone voluntarily visiting it. email is pro-active because it reaches out directly to the recipient.

Targeted communication

Instead of blanket mailing to everyone on your list you can send tailored emails to specific target groups. This way you improve the relevance and hence the acceptance by the recipient, this enables your correspondents to get the information that is most important to them.

Secrets of success

Two things make email marketing successful. Firstly you must send emails to people who genuinely want to receive them. Secondly you must make the email interesting to the individual user.

How to build your mailing list

  • Add a prominent link to the homepage of your website.
  • Make it clear how they are going to benefit.
  • Include a specific invitation on all other forms of marketing communication: brochures, advertising, direct mail, surveys, newsletters.
  • Conduct a traditional direct-mail campaign to encourage visitors to register.